When Ellie was two years old, I already started to put her on ponies.
I knew I wanted her to show but there were no “Show Bows” that looked like the ones that existed in my
mind. So, we started making them on our Kitchen table. On a hunch, I called Jill over at “Malvern Saddlery”.
She ended up buying every single set we had made. I knew we had something very special. At that moment
“Ellie’s Bows” was born.

We were the very first hair bow maker on the Equestrian scene over nine years ago. My idea was as Ellie
grew up, we could add products and accessories that would fit well, “youth riders like her.” We have gone
from Hair Bows, to accessories, and now to apparel. Our “Elliena EQ Collection” which was made in sizes
child through teen is sold through English Riding Supply.

In 2020 we introduced our all-Natural Aromatherapy Horse Shampoo and soap line. We love all-natural
products and have found a way to pamper our 4-legged friends with products that introduce a multitude of

In 2021, we will launch our new collection made exclusively with fabrics from Venus Williams “Eleven”. Due
to COVID-19 our original release dates have been pushed back but we are excited to be able to bring our
vision to life.
Hopefully we will get to see you by the ring at a horse show or say hi on social media. We welcome you to
become part of our riding family!

Thank you for buying our products and we wish you all the very best in the show ring and out! Stay safe and
health to all in 2021.
Show Bows Of The Champions!!
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