January 2019
Great Ribbons at WEF!
Ellie & Isabelle
Show Bows Of The Champions!!
Sterling Finals Fall 2018
Ellie with her favorite set of custom fall bows!  
Looking out ready to take on the National Marshall
& Sterling Finals 2018 in the pony medal!!
Single bows are awesome for those
schooling days and or school days!!
Do you have your bow singles?
What a nail biting finals Elliena was fourth to the last
And place the highest score. Then three other
riders were left to go and they bumped her down to
4th. Amazing victory as it was her first national finals
out of 40 of the top riders&pony combinations.
AUGUST 2018 NEWS................
Ellie's Bows is on the cover of Paisley Pony Magazine!!
March 2, 2018

Ellie got to meet with the one and only McLain Ward! He loves Ellies Bows. We met his wife and little girl “ Lilly”
who got her very own pair of lady bug bows.! Not only is he the best jumper rider in the world but he is also the
nicest. What an inspiration to all of us riders who would like to be just as amazing as him!
“ Ellies Bows” was featured on a special being filmed for UGI Services.
So happy to be part of there program featuring local business that
have helped local youth in the community!
Located at Wellington Equestrian festival.  
They are one of a kind to match with your style inside or outside of the ring!
New Spring collection available at The Farm Stand at WEF!
Check out our selection located at "The One Well"
Yes, I love to wear bows in the Jumper Ring!
It is so much fun because you can wear
whatever you want. Wear super bright colors to
match your Jumper Style! Go jumpers!!! Have
some ideas of bows you would like to see in the
jumper ring send them to us. We can make
anything! We want you to be in style and riding
your best in “ Ellies Bows.”ew Paragraph
Giving Ponies chances!
Here is Isabelle, she was a pony that no one
believed in or wanted. Well, she has turned
out to be amazing! As long as you are
determined and willing to give a pony time,
they can come around. Believe in yourself
and all things are possible! Go team!
Hey Girls!!
Isn’t it fun to wear your hair bows! I love to
choose ones that that reflect how I am feeling
that day. If I am feeling more reserved I like to
wear blue, or if I feel like wearing bows that are
different I wear our silk ones, or I like to grab our
single bows! There are just so many!! I love to
express myself through my hair bows! How about
you? Send us your story through our contact
page! We want to hear from you!
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