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Ellie's Bows Is proud to be a part of.....
Clifford ‘The Big Red Dog”      
Balto-(Siberian Husky)  
Famous Sled dog statue in Central Park)
Odie “Garfield” Togo
(Siberian Husky)  Famous sled Dog 1925
Sandy “Annie”  Barry
(St Bernard)  Famous for saving 4o people
Lassie “Lassie”  Apollo
(German Shepard) worked at The World Trade Center Site
Spike “Ole Yeller”  Dakota
(Pit Bull)  search and rescue dog over 100
missions successful
Toto “Wizard of Oz” Aspen
(Golden Retriever) Search and Rescue mission
was Oklahoma City Bombing
Comet “Full House”  Gandalf
( Shiloh Shepard) Found Michael Auberry (a missing boy)
Beethoven “ Beethoven”  
Dusty ( Airedale Terrier) Found a woman
that drove herself off of a cliff
Pete The Pup “The Little Rascals     Velvet (
Labrador Retriever) saved 3 mountain climbers
in Oregon USA Feb 2007
Marley “Marley & Me”  Geogre
( Jack Russell Terrier) heroic dog sheilded a
group of children from Pitbulls
Eddie Crane “Frasier” Taz
(German Shepard) Lead police to a child
abductor in September 2011