Ellies Brands is now offering our Equine counterparts the only patented (Horse Show SAFE)
Aromatherapy Horse Shampoo. Our products is infused with PURE essential oils to create a
unique propriety blend.The oils create a unique calming experience that also helps your
horse with:

* Helps Relieve Sore Muscles
* Helps with Arthritis in Bones
* Helps with congested skin/skin allergies
* Encourages collagen formation
* Calming and uplifting effect
* Beautiful natural shine to the coat
* Horse Show Safe

From every sale we donate a portion of proceeds to Danny & Ron's Dog Rescue.
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We want every Horse Owner and their horsey friends to have a bottle.
Aromatherapy Horse Shampoo Clinical Research
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MSU study on Aromatherapy for horses
Essential oils for the anxious horse
Essential Oil
Essential oils with animals - Veterinary Panel
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Buy 1 get free all natural bar of soap   
Price: $24.95
Store locations of where shampoo is being sold
* 17 ounces
* made in the USA