ElliesBows is so excited to announce that we now have a patent on the only Horse Aromatherapy Shampoo on
the market! Our shampoo is made with all natural ingredients and infused with pure essential oils to create a
unique proprietary blend .  
We are very excited to be launching our product at Wellington Equestrian Festival at the
Gochman’s “ Farm

“Calm & Collected” blend of our Horse Aromatherapy Shampoo.  
Our pure natural ingredients are sold in a 17 ounce bottle.

Just like in people, essential oils have an amazing effect by helping to induce calming effect.
The oils also help to sooth sore muscles and have add an amazing shine to the horses coat!

**  From each sale a portion of the proceeds are donated to Danny & Ron's Dog rescue. **
ALL natural ingredients and from pure essential oil extracts.
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