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So this is our favorite! Ellies favorite rider
Peter Pletcher!!
What an amazing day! I got to interview Jordan Allen.
Jordan is such an inspiration to me and so many kid
riders!!! A working student that has ridden her way to the
top in the Hunter Spectacular at WEF! Never doubt your
abilities if you believe in yourself anything is possible!! —
at Palm Beach International Equestrian Center.
So lucky today to interview the legendary Nona Garson,
who also happens to be my trainer!! I am really lucky to
learn from such a wonderful trainer. Nona is so nice and
always gives the best advice!!
What a great start to the day!! I got to meet Danny from
“Danny & Ron’s Dog Rescue” , he signed my Breyer
and I got to interview him!! So excited and can’t wait to
help them raise money so that more dogs can be
saved!! We will be having a product release In spring!!!
Horse Greer Commercial
Disney World Commercial
Miriah Shannon
Daniel Goldstien
Part 1
Daniel Goldstien
Part 1